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The motto ‘First Class Horse Transportation’ has been connected to Böckmann products for many years and has made Böckmann one of the biggest trailer producers in Europe. Of course, size alone is not a reliable argument. Quality, performance, safety, reliability, customer satisfaction – these are all important attributes that distinguish the Böckmann brand and stand it head and shoulders above the rest

And this is why Smart Equine chose to bring Böckmann trailers to Ireland.

Böckmann continuously work to provide solutions for problems, to be innovative and to translate their own experience as well as the experience of their customers into better and better trailers. The concept of “first class horse transportation” will continue to remain tightly connected to the Böckmann name.

As Böckmann begins its journey in the Irish market, it is our goal to provide customers with a product that challenges itself to improve and be the best. We will work tirelessly to provide horses with the safest, most comfortable transportation and offer customers a horse trailer that demonstrates quality, reliability, stability and innovative technology, all at a value driven price.

First class horse transportation is the result of a long development.
The name Böckmann is synonymous with top quality horse trailers. With more than 250,000 Böckmann trailers on the road, Böckmann is known for offering the best in quality, safety and innovative technology. For over 40 years, this family-owned business has its roots in Lastrup, Germany.

Founder Anton Böckmann began meeting the needs from local farmers by constructing a small lightweight trailer to be used in transporting live stock. From the beginning, high quality and solid craftsmanship was a standard necessity. The business today has expanded to include all four of Anton Böckmann’s sons and encompasses not only the transport of livestock but also horse trailers, horse trucks, transportation trailers, horse breeding and horse sales.

Gilbert Böckmann is known world-wide as an international jumping rider who runs the Böckmann stable in Lastrup, concentrating on the training and sales of sport horses. Tonne Böckmann manages over 25 top breeding stallions and distributes semen world-wide. This firsthand knowledge in horsemanship is combined with the technical know-how of the remaining two sons and engineers, Klaus and Roger Böckmann, who are responsible for the trailer and horse truck operations of the company.

Add to this, the highly trained and educated staff at Böckmann and the end result is a company that combines the extensive wisdom of its predecessor to build a first class quality product that continuously strives to offer the latest and best technology in its industry.

And we at Smart Equine are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Böckmann trailers in Ireland.

Böckmann have an enormous range of models and an awe-inspiring selection of features, ensuring that each and every trailer will be the right trailer for you.

Contact us today to see how Böckmann can bring your towing experience to a whole new level.

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