Arena Mirror Checklist – Comparing Quotes

arena mirrors for horse riding

No other arena mirror manufacturer can match the standards of Mirrors For Training, hence the reason the company has supplied over 60,000 since we started in 2007 and supply and install throughout Europe. Mirrors For Training are recognized as the 1st choice in arena mirrors.

Check the size – if you’re comparing quotes, make sure all mirrors are the same size…8ft x 4ft is good; don’t opt for something too small as they can be hard to use. All Mirrors For Training arena mirrors are 8ft x 4ft or the company offers a supersize mirror 2450 x1500 (ask for a quote on these).

Reflect on the reflection – a mirror’s main job is to provide a crisp, accurate reflection…but not all mirrors do this. For maximum benefit, mirrors must be high quality and mounted on a material that doesn’t warp as this will distort the reflection. A distorted reflection could well render the mirror useless, as it won’t be able to provide accurate visual feedback.—Mirrors For Training only use the very best quality mirror.

How’s the mirror backed? Look for mirrors that are backed and framed with metal, such as galvanized steel, to prevent the back from distorting as this could compromise the mirror. Mirrors for Training’s specialist arena mirrors are framed in galvanized steel. Keep clear of all wooden backed (buffalo board) mirrors as they wont last 12 months — they warp.

Mirrors for Training offers a 6mm (professional ) version which is 22mm thick overall, backed in Galvanised steel and TOUGH for use outdoors!

Weather worries – make sure the mirror you choose can withstand the elements, especially if you’re using it outside. Mirrors for Training steel backed mirrors are a proven system, hence the reason the company offers a three year guarantee if Mirrors for Training installs them. No other manufacture can offer the same guarantee.

Maintenance for mirrors? Wood backed mirrors require a lot more maintenance than Mirrors for Training’s galvanized steel backed ones.

Safety first – although you won’t want to think about your mirror breaking, ask the manufacturer what will happen should it become damaged? Will it shatter and spread glass all over the arena, or will it stay in its frame due to a film or coating?

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