Showjumping Poles & Planks

We have a wide selection of wooden show jumping poles available in stock, in 3m or 3.5m lengths. All poles feature plastic end caps for added durability and longevity.

Available in a wide variety of colours – single colour, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or specialist pinstripe colour selections. Or customised colours according to your requirements.

Standard round showjumping poles for training or competition, training hardwood hex poles or square lats are available, according to your needs and objectives.

How To Order

Our show jumping poles are available to purchase online through our click and collect service. We have many options available, so if you’re not quite sure what’s right for you, please do get in touch.

Order online, over the phone – 087 1162789 – or by email and select your preferred colours on collection. We can also quote for delivery throughout the island of Ireland. Please contact us for more details.

Choose from 2 different wood types:

Heartwood Show Jumping Poles

The best choice for training at home and for daily workout, these poles are inexpensive, hardwearing and strong. For the production of the heartwood poles, young spruce trees are milled across the wood fibre. So that the wood can be milled well, the logs are processed with a high level of wood moisture shortly after felling. When the wood dries, some rough spots on the surface of the wood occurs, together with natural dry cracking of the pole. Since technical drying causes significantly more pronounced cracking, the poles are air-dried as gently as possible over a period of several months, which means that fluctuations in weight cannot be avoided. The cracks are also more severe when drying takes place during hot weather, but this is a factor outside of our control. Due to the eponymous wooden core, heartwood poles are still very stable. If you prefer blemish and crack free poles, please choose our more expensive laminated competition poles.

  • inexpensive and stable
  • moderate – severe cracking
  • unpolished surface
  • diameter: 10cm
  • weight: c 10 – 13kg

Laminated competition Show Jumping Poles

Laminated showjumping poles are glued from 3 – 4 layers. For this purpose, the base material is first technically dried and then planed to size, which makes the wood dimensionally stable. In order to bring the squared timber into a round shape, they are planed again along the direction of the grain to create a smooth surface. This high-quality processing results in a very stable showjumping pole without cracks.

  • significantly increased stability
  • no cracks
  • smooth surface
  • diameter: 9,5cm
  • weight: c 9 – 10 kg