Show Jumping Wings

Due to the climate in the UK and Ireland, we recommend quality aluminium as the material of choice when it comes to show jumping wings and uprights. Here’s just few of the reasons why:

  • Aluminium is incredibly durable, so Andreas Rumann wings will last for many, many, many years, whatever the weather.
  • Aluminium is lightweight, so they are easy to handle, move and transport.
  • Aluminium is sleek and elegant.

Our best-selling products:

  • White aluminium wing
  • Coloured aluminium wing
  • Aluminium wing with wooden lats

We can also supply triple bar wings, fence wings for loose jumping and custom designed and built wings to promote your company, brand or equestrian centre. Contact us for details.

Aluminium Show Jumping Wing


Coloured Aluminium Wing

Aluminium Wing with wooden lats


Aluminium Show Jumping Back Stand