Show Jumping Poles

Premium quality wooden show jumping poles, in 3m or 3.5m lengths. All poles feature plastic end caps for added durability and longevity.

Available in a wide variety of colours – single colour, 2, 3, 4 or 5 or specialist pinstripe colour selections. Or customised according to your requirements.

Standard round poles, training hardwood hex poles or square lats are available, according to your needs and objectives.


Choose from 2 different wood types:

Heartwood Show Jumping Poles

The best choice for training at home and for daily workout, these quality poles are extremely stable, hardwearing and strong. Some dry cracking is completely normal and simply contributes to the overall strength of the pole and ability to sustain an impact.


Crosswood Show Jumping Poles

Ideal for competitions or advertising obstacles, there is hardly any cracking in Rumann Crosswood poles. They have a relatively uniform weight due to chamber drying and a smoother surface for a competition finish. However, there is a higher risk of breakage than with heartwood poles.


Show Jumping Planks

Available in 3m or 3.5m lengths, in a wide variety of colours to match poles and fillers. Choose standard straight planks, or wavy planks to really stand out in competition.