Open Stable Mats


Horses have evolved to live outside – it comes closest to their natural social behaviour and their need for movement. However, in bad weather the ground quickly turns to muck – and no horse (or human!) enjoys walking through mud.

Regupol offer a number of weather-resistant solutions that can withstand the elements all year round. Even if it’s not possible to pave the entire area, paving or using robust Equiline mats at the main walkways or the areas around hayracks and drinking troughs can make life so much easier for you and your horses and put them on a clean and secure footing.

REGUPOL equestrian floors consist of over 80% recycled raw materials and have been awarded the label “Top Recycled Product” by the New Life initiative.

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REGUPOL Equiline Allround

Virtually impermeable to water.

REGUPOL Equiline Allround is highly elastic with a low installation height. It is bonded into place which gives it a surface that’s virtually impermeable to water. Installation couldn’t be easier: the non-slip surface is bonded in 12 mm thick sheets onto a level and dry sub-base. The correct adhesive is also provided, providing your horses with a safe and secure footing for many years, as there are little visible seams. REGUPOL Equiline Allround is also ideal for floors in equine clinics, because it is very hard wearing, quiet under hooves and highly hygienic.

Size: 1250mm wide x 10m long

REGUPOL Equiline Walkway

A non-slip and robust elastic interlocking paving which is the ideal flooring around the stable, yard or riding arena.

A real all-rounder, REGUPOL Equiline Walkway Interlocking Paving forms a non-slip surface that reduces the risk of injury for your horses. Water-permeable and extremely durable, REGUPOL Equiline Walkway is quiet, easy to clean and offers a long service life, making it the ideal choice as a floor covering for paddocks, stable lanes, wash boxes, horse walkers and all walkways. Water-permeable and extremely durable, REGUPOL Equiline Walkway is quiet, easy to clean and offers a long service life. And as no footing is required in paddocks, this surface is extremely economical.

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REGUPOL Equiline Stable


REGUPOL Equiline Stable stable mats with a studded underside provide good drainage properties, highly effective noise insulation and are gentle on hooves and joints.

Whether in stables, wash bays, wash areas, open stalls or shelters: REGUPOL Equiline Stable mats are ideal wherever outstanding draining is required. Laid on a concrete sub-base with a gradient and drain, water and urine seep through quickly and reliably. This means that you can save up to three quarters of the amount of bedding you might normally require.

Size 1000mm x 1000mm

REGUPOL Equiline multi

 Strong tiles for floors and walls

With REGUPOL Equiline Multi tiles, you can count on a really impressive performance in a 1,000 x 500 mm format. Particularly suitable for use in open stalls and free-running paddocks, Equiline Multi tiles provide and elastic surface that makes horse keeping easier, while making a significant contribution to the wellbeing of your animals. Being permeable to water and urine, they help you save up to three quarters of the normally required amount of bedding and for horses with respiratory problems, you can even do without it altogether.


REGUPOL Equiline multi XL


The perfect floor for a paddock

REGUPOL Equiline Multi XL are a versatile 2000 x 1000 mm XL format paddock tiles. It can be laid loose thank to its own weight.

Equiline Multi XL make sure that your horses can enjoy outdoor exercise that’s clean and safe even in wet weather.

Size 2000mm x 1000mm