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First Class Transport

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Böckmann – First Class Horse Transportation

Böckmann have led the way in trendsetting horse transport solutions since 1956. That’s why Smart Equine are so excited to now bring this stunning range of high-performance horse trailers to Ireland!

With a reputation built upon quality, reliability, stability and innovation, Böckmann high-performance trailers provide horses with the safest, most comfortable transportation on the market today.

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Maintains its value

Böckmann premium quality and attention to every detail means that every Böckmann trailer delivers first class performance, outstanding durability and an excellent trade-in value. Böckmann achieve this by using only highest quality materials and solid workmanship throughout. Find out for yourself! Contact us today for more information.

Best for your horse

From the loading height through to the Multi Safe System (MSS), Böckmann trailers posess an abundance of features, all of which have been developed through decades of experience travelling horses and adapted to meet their needs to guarantee their comfort and well-being.

Best for you

Böckmann trailers don’t just make travelling more comfortable for your horse, but they also make life easier and more comfortable for the rider. Many practical Böckmann innovations such as the chassis, the door concept or the innovative tack rooms prove their worth every day. Developed by horse riders for horse riders!

Böckmann Traveller G3

The Traveller family is ideal for riders looking to travel several horses at a time. Depending on the Traveller model chosen, you can easily accommodate two to three large horses, three to four western horses, or up to five small horses or ponies. A powerful design with many practical details. The Traveller G3 is our most popular Traveller model. Designed to accomodate three large horses at once standing diagonally, the G3 combines all Böckmann’s exceptional features and is extremely robust thanks to steel bars that surround the whole body. With telescopic aluminium divider walls with a PVC curtain that can be adjusted at the side, a spacious tack locker that can accomodate all your gear, large sliding windows for maximum ventilation and an easy opening side flap for your horses’ comfort. Simply the best large horse trailer on the market in Ireland.

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Böckmann Neo L SR -WCF

With a unique, eye-catching design and innovative lighting concept, the Neo range of horse trailers from Böckmann really have to be seen to be believed! Possibly the highest class horse trailer on the market today, the Neo L SR has an inner length of 4080mm, offering unrivalled extra space for horse and rider. Available in a range of select colour combinations, the vehicle has exclusive features such as LED interior light, switchable in white and blue and aluminium wheels. Special highlights are the variable center post partition wall and the walk-in saddle room, which is accessible from the inside through a man-high door.

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Böckmann Portax L SR

The Portax range of high-grade aluminium trailers combine comfort, superb quality and, above all, plenty of space for horse and rider. The new Portax L SR features an impressive walk-in tack room for comfort and convenience, so no more wrestling saddles out of the back of your jeep!

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Böckmann Portax LK

From the Portax range of trailers, the Portax LK combines added comfort, superb quality and, above all, plenty of space for horse and rider. The new Portax L K, with a water drain gutter at the front, features a front ramp for horses that are tricky to unload.

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Böckmann Grand Master SKA

From the Master range of horse trailers, the Grand Master is simply top class: With an internal length of 3900 mm and an internal width of 1750 mm, the Grand Master SKA combines a large interal space with a beautiful design. The Grand Master is equipped with exclusive features such as LED interior lighting switchable from white to blue, aluminium rims, sliding windows and a roof vent for your horse’s comfort, while the variable centre post partition wall provides more freedom of movement internally and ease of tacking up.

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Böckmann Portax Esprit

Offering Böckmann’s exceptional quality and drability, the Portax Esprit silver+black is the practical entry-level model into the Portax family. Combining easy handling with maximum safety, the Portax Esprit is ideal for riders looking for maximum comfort, durability and robustness at an attractive price. This model includes a handy tack room add on and offers great value for money.

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Special Edition Böckmann Comfort

You will soon see how the ‘Comfort‘ range of horse trailers from Böckmann earned their name! The sporty, dynamic shape and the comfort suspension chassis ‘CFFplus’ guarantee an enjoyable driving experience for you and comfortable travelling for your horse. The Comfort offers generous headroom plus plenty of storage space in the built-in tack room. The Comfort’s set of features is completed by Böckmann’s outstanding Multi Safe System (MSS), among other things. This special edition model has many extra features at an exceptional price

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Böckmann Champion R

From the Champion range of quality aluminium horse trailers, the Champion R has an aluminium body with a polyester bow, which substantially increases the size of the front area for extra space and comfort for both you and your horse. The generously dimensioned tack room has plenty of space for all your gear and features pull-out saddle racks, a plastic shovel, telescopic brush and mirror.

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