Arena Mirrors

One of the best investments you can make in your riding!

The most durable arena mirrors from Mirrors for Training

The highest quality arena mirrors in Ireland, available from Smart Equine. 

Are you looking to improve your riding? Add extra marks to your dressage tests? Or generally improve your horse’s way of going? Investing in arena mirrors from Mirrors For Training could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

The benefits of using arena mirrors: 

  • To make sure you’re sitting correctly in the saddle
  • To monitor whether your horse is working in a correct outline
  • To check whether movements are being ridden accurately
  • To check is your horse is straight
  • To check the accuracy of your lateral work
  • To see if your horse is working properly through the back
  • To check if the hindlegs are properly engaged
  • To ensure your rein contact is even

The specification of Mirrors for Training Arena Mirrors is very high quality 6mm safety mirror backed to British Standard. This safety backing ensures that no large shards of glass come away should there be an impact with the mirror.
They are a generous size – 2440 x 1220 (8ft x 4ft) – and are sealed within a tough galvanised framed unit on the sides and back of the mirror, which prevents water ingress. Mirrors for Training mirrors also have an impact layer of 12mm which absorbs shock, helping to prevents breakages, flex and distortion.

Contact us today for more information on arena mirrors in Ireland, by email or feel free to call, text or Whatsapp us on 087 1162789 for more information and for a quote.

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